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Archive for September, 2013

2013 Softball Recap

by Timothy Cooper

softballWe writers are good with more than just our fingers. Occasionally, we’re also handy with a bat, a softball and our legs. How else could the WGAE Softball Team have made it to the league playoffs in two out of the past two seasons?

In Summer 2013, our 25th(!) season, we finished a more-than-respectable second place in our division. Our playoff game ended with a pretty impressive 0-4 loss to the #1-seeded team—the team that eventually won the championship, aka the Marsh “We Have Time to Devote to Softball Because We Hate Our Jobs” Casualties.

Our regular-season opponents this year included WABC “Who’s Dave?” TV, HipCricket “We’re Embarrassed to Work at a Place Called HipCricket,” Christie’s “We Only Sell Forgeries” and ValueLine “We’re Probably an In-Flight Magazine” Publishing.

I couldn’t be prouder of a team that often rallied from behind, oftentimes to actually win. As in life, sometimes our job was as simple as showing up where others failed to: Once, we huddled next to our field in the middle of a storm, as thunder bloomed around us. We won that game by default, because the other team was too intimidated by little things like lightning strikes to even show up.

We did an amazing job this season, and I have a feeling we’ll be the division champs next time around. Plus, all of us can sleep pretty soundly until the league starts up again in April 2014, knowing that we excel intellectually and physically—a winning combination. Here’s to next year!