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Catie Lazarus, Creator of “Employee of the Month” and Student of Oppression

by Justin Samuels

Catie Lazarus is a writer/performer. ECNY awarded her “Best Comedy Writer” and Lewis Black called her “More Brilliant Than She’ll Ever Know.” She does voice overs and hosts the podcast EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, which is taped live the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB). Lazarus is a member of the WGA, Women in Children’s Media, ASIFA, The Moth, and UCB.

Justin Samuels: What did you study at Wesleyan?

Catie Lazarus: Oppression. My undergrad major was a joint degree in psychology-sociology. My master’s was in psychology. Whatever you major in at Wesleyan, you’re studying social stratification. So even if you’re a math major, you’ll learn how the number eight oppresses the number seven.


JS: You’re a WGA writer. What’s your main WGA type of writing, film, TV, new media, or news?

CL: Yes. I became a WGA member working on MYC! (


JS: What sorts of things do you typically cover in your articles?

CL: Well, I tend to write about work, comedy and whatever falls, for lack of a better term, within the cultural zeitgeist. I love interviewing people, be it for an article or my podcast Employee of the Month. I also enjoy writing a monthly column for


JS: Were you always a funny person?  How did you develop yourself as a comedian?

CL: I was a tortoise, but underwent a species op. Despite the scars from surgery and obvious flack from fellow tortoises, I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am much happier now. (I am not really sure how to answer your question. But between you and me, I am still developing and sporting a training bra.)


JS: How has joining the WGA helped you develop as a writer?

CL: The WGA provides valuable legal resources. Plus, meeting fellow members enables me to delude myself that I might one day make it.


JS: How has participation in other organizations helped your career?

CL: I’ve never gotten a job as a direct result of paying membership dues. I’ve learned a great deal about the craft(s) and met incredible folks through the UCB, WGA, The ( and Children’s Media Association.


JS: What advice would you give people wishing to launch a career as a writer?

CL: Take your work seriously and, if possible, get in good with the Hewlett-Packard family because printer cartridges are expensive.


JS: Are there any new projects from you that we should be on the lookout for?

CL: YES! Employee of the Month Show will be live at The Bell House in Brooklyn this September and, I hope, more episodes of MYC.

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