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I Love My Writers Guild of America, East

By Amanda Cole

A couple of nights ago I was at a small film get together hosting Derek Cianfrance (writer/director of Blue Valentine). He used phrases like “I thought I was cursed” and “people thought I was delusional” about making his first movie. This language oddly made me feel better, then as I was bitching to him about my own personal film curse and delusion – which if you are ever going to bitch and moan to a well-known successful writer/director, friends, he was an elegant pick- he told me master marble makers used to strike at marble 1,000 times with a hammer and it would look the same. Then they would strike that 1,001st time- and blammo! It would crack. Then I went home and wrote 20 pages of my newest screenplay. I love my Writers Guild of America, East. Thanks for making that happen.

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