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Koch–Tribune Demonstration


At a demonstration on Wed., May 29, Guild staffers and members joined local activists to protest the potential sale of Tribune Company newspapers to the conservative Koch brothers. Filmmakers Tia Lessin and Carl Dean, whose film Citizen Koch was recently pulled from PBS—David Koch is a donor to and trustee of WGBH-Boston and WNET-New York, two of PBS’ flagship stations—predicted a “chilling” effect if the Kochs were able to preside directly over their own media empire.

Whether you are telling a story about the Koch brothers for PBS or producing a show for Discovery, our union is committed to protecting your rights and the rights of all the creative professionals who work in this industry. Those rights include the right to bargain collectively over the terms and conditions of your employment and the right to have your work shown—even when it is critical of the influence of billionaires.

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