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Softball: 2013 Season Recap

by Timothy Cooper

On August 5, the WGAE softball team made it to the first round of the Corporate Sports 2013 League Championship Playoffs. There, we faced our most difficult opponent of the past several years: the league’s #1-ranked team, the Marsh Casualties. This intimidating name happens to be way more interesting than their actual jobs, which involve insurance. This explains why they have so much time to dedicate to softball: They have no


satisfaction in any other area of their lives. Thus, we should feel proud that they only scored four runs on us–and that zero of those were on our errors. That’s how we want to go down, if we have to go down.

And we went down admirably. It was a tight two-run game until the sixth inning; we were never all that far apart, skill-set-wise. Sure, our offense may not have been at its best, but our defense was pretty much completely error-free. We communicated, we brought the ball in, we played smart. There were a few runs we couldn’t do anything about. But if we had played this beautifully in the field throughout the whole season, we would have easily been first in our division. That’s why there’s always next year!

The lineup: Jo returned to the fold–and the field–to run some sick D from third. Marni rocked second. Jake played short, for a change, and Emmitt was rock-solid at first, while Zayd hit the strike zone nonstop, providing a seamless combo. Zach and I kept active in left, while Tina, Sharon, and Lauren covered right. Marcia at catcher rounded out a tight on-field team. Meanwhile, Doug and Parnie provided invaluable base coaching, and Susan cheered us on. Everyone came together on a beautiful Tuesday evening for a moment we should all be proud of.

Zach and I made some nice catches in the first, but we only advanced as far as second base. In the second, they scored one on a walk. In the third inning, about as much happened as happens on a typical day in the Marsh offices: nothing. After we took multiple walks in the fourth, Jake made it to third but was tagged on the way home; then they scored an additional run. We made it to second base yet again on my walk in the fourth inning, but I got stranded on third despite Emmitt’s hit. Their one triple (on a bogus foul–I’m telling you, those cones curved WAY to the left) and a walk in the sixth gave them two more, for a final score of 04.

Still, we deserve to congratulate ourselves on an excellent season. We clinched second, and I have a feeling we’ll be the division champs next year. Playoffs two years in a row–that’s nothing to sneeze at. Plus, we can sleep soundly tonight, knowing we don’t work in insurance (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

There will be a team celebration/reminiscing/potluck in the fall, to which all are invited–even if you didn’t play this year. And if you’re interested in a fall-ball league that Marcia may be putting together, contact her at Why not stay all fit and stuff in the off-season?

Well done, everyone, for 2013. Thank you for letting me manage you–and I’ll see you all back on the field next year!

Your faithful manager,



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