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July 5, 2011

John Romano

John Romano has been a writer for movies and TV since 1986, when he left the English Department at Columbia to join the staff of HILL STREET BLUES, where he earned an Emmy-nomination for its final episode. Since then, in television, he has been a writer-producer on a dozen shows, including L.A. LAW, MONK, THIRD WATCH, PARTY OF FIVE, COP ROCK, and AMERICAN DREAMS, as well as creating three shows of his own, MICHAEL HAYES (with Nick Pileggi, starring David Caruso), CLASS OF '96, and SWEET JUSTICE (Emmy-nominated for Cicely Tyson's performance).
He began in movies in 1998 with his adaptation of Richard Vetere's novel, THE THIRD MIRACLE, starring Ed Harris and Anne Heche, directed by Agnieszka Holland and produced by Francis Coppola; followed by the Coen Brothers' INTOLERABLE CRUELTY; NIGHTS IN RODANTHE starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane; and now THE LINCOLN LAWYER, from Michael Connelly's book. For Lakeshore Entertainment, he has also adapted Philip Roth's AMERICAN PASTORAL, which is the best American novel of the last half-century.
In his other life, he published a critical book on Dickens (Dickens and Reality) and earned a Ph.D. from Yale in English, a hundred and fifty years ago. He lives in Santa Monica and New York with his wife Nancy and three severely entitled dogs.