Statement on Senate Hearing on Proposed Comcast/NBCU-Time Warner Cable Merger

April 9, 2014

The Writers Guild of America, East issued the below statement following today's Senate Judiciary Committee on the proposed Comcast/NBCU-Time Warner Cable merger:

“Comcast/NBCU/TWC is positioning itself at the top rung of the new media eco-system.  Forget the old world in which studios were independent of movie theaters (as required by anti-trust regulators many decades ago), where content producers were independent of cable TV companies, where television and Internet distribution were distinct businesses. Comcast/NBCU/TWC recognizes a new universe in which consumers will go to one place to watch what they want, when they want it – and Comcast/NBCU/TWC intends to be that place.  It wants the market and pricing power to dominate (at least in a third of the U.S., including most of the major urban markets), and to reap the profits of that domination.  This is not in the interest of cable and broadband customers, or of content-creators, or of the employees who face Comcast/NBCU in the workplace."