Digital Media Education Program continued with workshop on digital storytelling

Tom Fontana and other members who have scripted digital content presented their work at a multi-media seminar. After watching web series written by Guild members on the panel, participants formed smaller groups to work closely on issues of digital style.

May 3, 2010

Writers found the evening educational regardless of their level of experience. Council member John Auerbach said “the digital storytelling seminar was an eye-opener for me”. The workshop was part of the Guild’s ongoing Digital Media Education Program. Watch our Events page and your inbox for invitations to more events in this series.

See more photos from the event on our Picasa.

Watch the webseries that attendees checked out:

Concierge: the Series – by Timothy Michael Cooper [LINK for each of the below]
Downsized, the Webseries – by Daryn Strauss
Duder –  by Matt Kirsch
Gotham – by Martha Byrne
Mimi and Flo – by Jeff Maksym
The Battery’s Down – by Jake Wilson
Unleashed – by Ben Zelevansky and Alex Bloom