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2013 Labor Day Tweet-a-thon



What: This Labor Day, we can all do our part to help send a positive message about the value of unions – and we’re encouraging WGAE members to do so through Twitter! Join us by sending a Tweet about why you’re proud to be in a union with the hash tag #unionmember this Labor Day weekend!

Why: Labor Day is a day most Americans can enjoy as a holiday thanks to the efforts of unions and workers’ rights advocates. It’s a great day to remind your friends and fans that unions still play an important role. And it’s an easy way to show you’re proud to be a union member.

When: Tweets can be sent Thursday Aug. 29, through Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2013

Who: Writers Guild of America, East members, staff & leadership with Twitter accounts will be tweeting. Your followers and supporters, along with our allies in the entertainment industry, professional sports community, workers’ rights and union movement, and more will be re-tweeting to maximize visibility of the effort.

How: Just write a personal tweet about what a union means to you, or use any of our sample suggested tweets to send through Labor Day weekend.


Sample Tweets

Please use #unionmember in each tweet, so we can promote your tweets! 

  1. Best career advice I got: Become a #unionmember. Learn more:
  2. In the writing room, it pays to be a #unionmember! Pls RT!
  3. Winner of almost every Oscar, Emmy, Pulitzer: A #unionmember #egot
  4. Whether behind the scenes or on screen, it pays to be a #unionmember 
  5. Why I’m a #unionmember: My family's health insurance is secure & affordable - even when the show's over. 
  6. As a #unionmember, I have a secure retirement, which is important for me & my family.
  7. Just like it takes a cast & crew, we all win by joining together to be part of something bigger than ourselves #unionmember
  8. I am a #unionmember because standing together for fair benefits and treatment is part of the American dream. Happy #LaborDay!
  9. I’m a #unionmember because together we are more powerful than we are alone.
  10. Being a #unionmember means I have health care and can pay the bills. 
  11. Happy to be a #unionmember this #LaborDay! Pls RT!
  12. Being a #unionmember means a better life for my family. Happy #LaborDay!
  13. Thinking of all America’s workers this #LaborDay, I’m proud to be a #unionmember
  14. Stand strong, stand together. Proud to be a #unionmember this #LaborDay.
  15. Being a #unionmember means I've got my coworkers' backs and they've got mine.
  16. Have #LaborDay off this weekend? It's because of #unions! #unionmember Pls RT!
  17. Want a strong middle class? Stand with a #unionmember fighting to advance workers’ rights this #LaborDay
  18. On #LaborDay, I’m grateful for the #unionmember community standing up for rights and opportunities for all workers. 
  19. Proud to come from a #unionmember family! We all benefit from workers standing together for fair pay & treatment.