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OnWriting Online
A webseries by the Writers Guild of America, East featuring indepth conversation between leading writers working in film and television.

MacGuffin Screenwriting Group
Looking for a supportive writers group where you can get solid feedback on your new script? The Screenwriters Workshop at WGAE has been meeting for three years and is looking for new members. The Workshop has openings for screenwriters who are actively working on new projects, including full or partial scripts, treatments, TV plots, loglines, outlines and pitches. The Workshop also plans team up with actors for table-reads. Members of the group have experience as development executives and as professors of screenwriting, so it is a fun, active and diverse group. For more information, please email Jason Schafer at



The following list offers a variety of online resources for professional writers. The sites are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Guild but may be of interest to members.

All About Screenwriting
A site offering many screenplays, info on script structure, agent listings, contests, and a screenwriting club.
Website for Creative Screenwriting, a magazine that interviews filmmakers, writers, and directors, to reveal what went into the creative processes of major motion pictures, art films and TV series.

Cynopsis Media
Cynopsis emails subscribers four trade publications at no charge about the television, media, and digital industries.
A constantly updated list of recent film script deals, including title, log line, studio, agent, price, and other info.

Emotional Toolbox
Laurie H. Hutzler’s website offers lots of free screenwriting information and tools. It lists her seminars and workshops which are open to the public, and profiles her consulting work.

Equery Direct
A query submission service to over 300 literary agents and managers via email.

Hollywood Creative Directory
The online version of the catalogues known as "the phonebooks to Hollywood."

Hollywood Scriptwriter
Screenplay excerpts and writer interviews.

The pro version of the Internet Movie Database provides detailed film and TV production tracking information along with contact details.

Inside Film Magazine Online
This site features listings of film festivals all over the world, as well as articles which focus on independent film and filmmakers.
Blog run by screenwriter John August. Mostly, he answers reader-submitted questions about the craft, but occasionally he goes on enjoyable tangents that run far afield of writing and filmmaking. You'll also find info on past, present, and future projects.

Mashable: The Social Media Guide
Social Media news blog covering websites, web series and social networks: Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube.

“Career and community for media professionals.” Primarily aimed at print media writers, but also offers classes and panels for TV writers and screenwriters.

PAGE -- The Professional Authors Group Enterprise
A full-service bulletin board system run by professional writers, with dozens of forums on writing, as well as general information topics.

Production Weekly
Provides a comprehensive breakdown of projects in pre-production, preparation, and active development for film and television.

The Random Name Generator
Trying to think up a character name? The random name generator uses data from the U.S. Census to randomly generate male and female names while allowing you to set your obscurity factor from 1 (common) to 99 (totally obscure).
Listings of screenplay contests.

Screenwriting Source
Provides an online directory of literary agents and managers, film production companies, and movie producers, as well as a continually updated list of articles to help new screenwriters.
The how-to magazine for screenwriters that shows you how to write and sell your screenplay to Hollywood.

Tubefilter News
Complete coverage of web series and the web television industry, a definitive source for industry news, program reviews, industry events, and online entertainment market intelligence services.

TV Newser
Newsblog reporting on the television news industry.
Despite its name, TVtracker comprehensively tracks and analyzes all three major divisions of filmed entertainment, including feature films, digital entertainment, and, of course, television.

The Writers Store
The Writers Store is recognized as a leading resource for specialized software, books, supplies, and reference materials for writers and filmmakers.

Note: External sites are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Writers Guild of America, East. The WGAE accepts no responsibility for their accuracy, content, or tone.