Demand Writers/Producers Remain in Union

WGAE-ABC members leafleted outside ABC today on Columbus Avenue.


will occur weekly to bring attention to ABC's attempt to use contract

negotiations to take writers, who also produce your news programs, out

of the union.

The Guild's commitment is to serious news writing

at ABC. Quality news programming continues with our writer/producers

remaining in the union as they have for the past 50 years.

Call David Westin, ABC News President, at 212-456-6200 or email him at to demand that writers/producers remain in the Writers Guild.

ABC has been holding up negotiations over this issue. Putting

writers/producers even more under the Company's thumb makes it much

more difficult for them to exercise independent news judgement, which

is an integral part of belonging to the Writers Guild.


David Westin know that you demand producers remain in the Writers Guild, so they

can continue to write the quality news you deserve and the news which

ABC is legally obliged to provide.

David Westin: 212-456-6200 /