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At CBS, WGAE member do quality work. They deserve a quality contract.

WGA-CBS Negotiations

LATEST NEWS: Writers Guild Files Unfair Labor Charges Against CBS

The WGAE files a charge against CBS with the NLRB, stating the company

unilaterally changed terms and conditions of employment, and severely

and illegally limited access of union reps to the employees' facilities.

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ABC Media Bistro Ad with Rat

WGA-ABC Negotiations

ABC/Disney proposes to remove members from our union, take back night

shift differential pay, take back the lunch hour from Radio employees,

and pay ZERO compensation for the past two years we have been fighting

for a decent contract, as well as other regressive demands. ABC Writers

Guild East members are fed up with ABC/Disney's union busting, and

they're not going to take it anymore!

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