Contract 2007: A Message from Chris Albers

Dear fellow WGAE members:

On July 16 negotiations began between the Writers Guild of America Negotiating Committee and the studios and the networks for a new Minimum Basic Agreement. Both sides presented their first sets of proposals across the table.

In addition to the efforts of your Negotiating Committee, the outcome of these negotiations will depend upon the support of members. We urge all writers to stay informed, engaged, and involved in the Guilds' Contract 2007 Campaign over the coming months. The continued commitment of the other entertainment unions to our bargaining agenda remains important, so please reach out to all union members you know to update them on our negotiations. It is our goal to reach an agreement that will benefit the entire entertainment community.

You will find Negotiation Updates and opportunities to support the contract campaign at the WGAE website: .

Please be sure the WGAE has current contact information for you. You can send your preferred email, street address and phone number to or you can contact the Membership Department at (212) 767-7800.

We'll be back in touch soon.


Chris Albers


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