WGA Negotiating Committee Responds to AMPTP Media Briefing



The Writers Guild of America has issued the following statement from John F. Bowman, chair of the WGA's 2007 Negotiating Committee, in response to today's AMPTP media briefing on upcoming contract negotiations:

"The industry conglomerates declare windfall profits to Wall Street while pleading poverty to the talent community.

Our proposals will be fair to writers and to the industry. What we are seeking over a three-year contract is about what a couple of failed executives get every year in severance packages.

The companies have made hundreds of deals in the new media arena over the past year, which proves that they do have viable business models. We don't need a study, we need a fair share for writers of the revenue our work generates.

Our members can't rely on Hollywood accounting. According to studio analysis, The Simpsons doesn't turn a net profit. The companies have lost the right to talk about a profit basis for residuals."

Negotiations are scheduled to begin on July 16, 2007. Learn more>>