Welcome to WGAEAST 2.0

Welcome to the Writers Guild Of America East web site.

Our goal is to create an exciting web-based

community that works as a virtual water cooler. Whether you want to

learn more about the issues in the MBA negotiations,

check the our virtual bulletin board, or are

just looking for the latest gossip about who's working on what

project, we want WGAEast.org to be your first stop online.

The biggest change, aside from our new color scheme, is the site's

multi-layered information architecture and navigation system that

allows you to do many things, including:

  • Engage the issues that matter, especially as we enter MBA

    negotiations and work to resolve the ongoing negotiations with CBS

    and ABC.

  • Read and exchange ideas and opinions with other writers, learn

    about the day's events , and gain access to tools for networking and

    managing your Guild membership.

  • Access an archive of resources to assist you in your career,

    including downloadable sample contracts and script delivery notices.

Our strategy over the last months was to create a state-of-the-art

community oriented web site that offers a rich cross section of our

world that is scalable and able to grow with us as we become ever-

more user oriented.

To take advantage of our new site, click on How To Use This Site

for a quick intro, and then dive in and start to explore the multiple

dimensions of WGAEAST.ORG 2.0.

Please feel free to express your opinions and recommendations to

improve our new offspring by clicking Contact Us.

Enjoy the new site!