Contract 2007: Viewpoint

Pippin Parker

The WGAE Council Member and Chair of Graduate Playwriting at the New School examines the ever-changing role, and definition, of a writer. more>

The Same Page

No matter what you write, who you write it for, or where it's

shown first…it's going online. Contract 2007 Neogitiating Committee member Melissa Salmons takes an aerial view. more>


Tom Fontana

Postcards from Ludditeland

WGAE Vice-President Tom Fontana offers his thoughts on the intersection of technology, writing and what's beyond. more>

Terry George

Byte Me

MBA Negotiating Committee member Terry George on what motivates him to action. more>

Contract2007: A Message from Chris Albers

"It is our goal to reach an agreement that will benefit the entire

entertainment community." more>>



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