WGAE Elects Michael Winship


Winship, a television writer and producer, has been elected President of the

Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE). Winship will immediately begin serving a

two-year term as President.

Bob Schneider, a television and

screen writer, was elected as WGAE Vice President. Gail Lee, a writer/producer

at CBS News, was re-elected to her sixth term as Secretary-Treasurer.

Outgoing WGAE President Chris Albers

and Vice President Tom Fontana did not seek re-election.

"I am deeply honored – and humbled –

to receive the votes of the many members who supported my candidacy," said

newly elected WGAE President Michael Winship. "I'm taking office at a critical

time in the Guild's history and will work on behalf of all of our members.

Together, we will fight to get the too long denied respectful, fair and decent

contracts for our members at ABC News and CBS News, and work diligently and

closely with our esteemed colleagues at the Writers Guild of America, West as

we continue our MBA contract negotiations."

There were 623 valid ballots cast in

the election. Winship received 422 votes (67.7%) versus presidential candidate

Tom Phillips who received 188 votes (30.2%). Schneider received 537 votes (86.2%),

and Lee received 545 votes (87.5%).

The election also determined members

for nine Council seats (six Freelance seats and three Staff seats). Elected as

Freelance members on the Council were:  Susan

Kim (i)*** (404*, 64.8%**), Melissa

Salmons (393, 63.1%), Pippin Parker (384, 61.6%), Tim Carvell (376, 60.4%),

Adam Brooks (i) (369, 59.2%) and

Courtney Simon (348, 55.9%).

Elected as Staff members on the Council were:

Phil Pilato (379, 60.8%), Sue Brown (368, 59.1%), and Duane Tollison (i) (363, 58.3%).

Editor's Notes:

* Votes cast for candidate

** Percentage of valid ballots cast

*** "(i)" denotes incumbent