Contract 2007: In the News

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Teamsters encouraged to support WGA [UPI, 10/30/07]

Writers demand higher DVD residuals, among other issues [Video Business, 10/30/07]

WGA Sets Member Meeting Thursday [Multichannel News, 10/30/07]

SAG board votes WGA support [Hollywood Reporter, 10/29/07]

Writers have that flashback feeling [LA Times, 10/29/07]

WGA, producers trade barbs [Variety, 10/26/07]

Response to WGA-AMPTP dispute [Variety, 10/26/07]

WGA seems unimpressed with new AMPTP proposals [Hollywood Reporter, 10/26/07]

Winning hearts, minds begins with WGA's own [Hollywood Reporter, 10/26/07]

What Stockpiling? L.A. Production Lulls [Hollywood Reporter, 10/26/07]

Hollywood studios make new offer to screenwriters [Reuters, 10/26/07]

Television: If screenwriters go on strike, quality will be first casualty [Salt Lake Tribune, 10/26/07]

SAG to support WGA picket lines [Variety, 10/25/07]

Actors get WGA ground rules [Hollywood Reporter, 10/25/07]

Talks wait as AMPTP huddles for second day [Hollywood Reporter, 10/25/07]

Talks wait as AMPTP huddles [Hollywood Reporter, 10/24/07]

'Wolverine' rewrite needed ASAP [LA Times, 10/24/07]

Date Set for CBS Newswriters Strike Authorization Vote [World Screen News, 10/24/07]

WGA sees writing on the wall [Variety, 10/23/07]

WGA takes aim at CBS [Variety, 10/23/07]

With deadline on menu, WGA sets table for strike 2 [Hollywood Reporter, 10/23/07]

Hollywood Bargaining [NY Post, 10/23/07]

Guilds Seek Primetime Quotas for Indies [Hollywood Reporter, 10/23/07]

Networks, guilds split on FCC limit [Variety, 10/23/07]

WGA backs strike authorization [Variety, 10/22/07]

Big turnout gives WGA strike authorization [Hollywood Reporter, 10/22/07]

Writers Guild votes overwhelmingly to authorize a strike [LA Times, 10/22/07]

Movie and TV Writers Authorize a Call to Strike [NY Times, 10/22/07]

Writers cast votes on strike authorization [10/19/07, lat]

For US TV viewers, a threat of harsh reality [10/19/07, guk]

Share the wealth with writers [10/17/07, lat]

Deadline dilemma worries screenwriters [lat, 10/17/07]

Hollywood Studios, Writers Seem to Be Closer on Residuals [10/17/07, wsj]

AMPTP makes concession in contract talks [10/17/07, upi]

Hollywood Producers Drop a Key Demand [nyt, 10/16/07]

AMPTP Drops Recoupment Issue [10/16/07, thr]

Fall-TV Deathwatch: Why Have No Shows Been Canceled? [10/16/07, nym]

Rift Between SAG, AFTRA Widens [10/16/07, backstage]

WGA, Producers at Odds Over Strike Rules [10/16/07, tvweek]

Residual resentment slows Hollywood talks [10/16/07, LAT]

No negotiating session, but Counter attack [10/16/07, thr]

Fox News Expanding Online Video with Maven Networks Deal [b&c, 9/26/07]

CBS Hires Sony Veteran to Run Movie Division [lat, 9/26/07]

TV writers' strike could go down the tubes [pgp, 9/26/07]

Online work emerges as big issue in Hollywood [lat, 9/26/07]

WGA negotiations to resume Oct. 4 [variety, 9/26/07]

AFTRA ups Joan Halpern Weise [var, 9/25/07]

NBC Honcho: Hulu Will Have Failures [mp, 9/25/07]

ABC Digital Chief: The Network Still Matters [forbes, 9/24/07]

Universal builds site to master mobile destiny [thr, 9/24/07]

AFTRA aiming for equal footing [var, 9/24/07]

As the Fall Season Arrives, TV Screens Get More Cluttered [nyt, 9/24/07]

TV writers' strike a real possibility [ppg, 9/24/07]

NBC Shows to Be Available On-Demand for Cox Subscribers [b&c, 9/24/07]

'Lord of the Rings' Suit Still Causing Problems [ros, 9/24/07]

What to Watch? How About a ‘Simpsons' Episode From 1999? [nyt, 9/24/07]

TV Remote Moves Over for a Mouse [nyt, 9/24/07]

Rosenberg squeaks past Cassel for SAG presidency [thr, 9/21/07]

Identifying Product Placement, So You Know The Writer Is Not Involved [mp, 9/21/07]

WGA President says he's hopeful strike can be avoided [dw, 9/21/07]

WGA-AMPTP talks: More civil, less war [thr, 9/21/07]

Strike Looms on Internet Pay: Hollywood Writers, Producers Far Apart [ht, 9/21/07]

WGA Pushes Branded Integration Identification [b&c, 9/20/07]

DGA waiting for cue on talks [var, 9/20/07]

NBC to Offer Downloads of Its Shows [nyt, 9/20/07]

CBS Making 60 Minutes Available as Free Podcast [thr, 9/20/07]

Hollywood writers resume talks amid strike fears [ruk, 9/19/07]

Verrone reelected president of Writers Guild [lat, 9/19/07]

Writers reconvene talks with studios [reuters, 9/19/07]

Contract Talks Resume Today [lat, 9/19/07]

Nick Counter blows more hot air [var, 9/19/07]

AMPTP: WGA 'Not Serious' as Negotations Resume [b&c, 9/19/07]

Tense Town: Writers Guild, Studios in Contract Talks [npr, 9/19/07]

Verizon's VCast Adds 10 New Fall Series to Mobile TV Lineup [tvw, 9/19/07]

WGA lays into Fremantle [var, 9/19/07]

Verrone wins second term as WGA West president [thr, 9/19/07]

Viacom Looks To New Web Sites For Revenue Growth [mp, 9/19/07]

How To Save Soaps [sod, 9/19/07]

Three Strikes and You're Out for Hollywood [wired, 9/18/07]

DreamWorks CEO "fearful" of Hollywood strike [reuters, 9/18/07]

Strike Fever: Catch It! [defamer, 9/18/07]

Calling it reality TV is altogether unreal [thr, 9/14/07]

Film studios braced for strike by Hollywood writers and actors [timesuk, 9/14/07]

Why Hollywood will strike again… [sts, 9/14/07]

'Kid Nation' Calls Reality TV into Question [backstage, 9/13/07]

The Silver Chair Makes Walden's Pre-Strike List [narniaweb, 9/13/07]

As strike looms, writers would do well to look at Trumbo [lat, 9/11/07]

Hollywood faces potential production standstill [tlg, 9/11/07]

Summer fills Hollywood pockets [baltimore sun, 9/10/07]

AFTRA sets groundwork for new pact [thr, 9/10/07]

Apple seeks TV price cut [var, 9/7/07]

Unions, FTAC Begin Campaign to Fight Runaway Production [backstage, 9/6/07]

FTAC petition needs 'intense lobbying' [thr, 9/6/07]

Unions Seize on 'Kid Nation' Controversy [ap, 9/6/07]

Downloads on the rise [var, 9/5/07]

Contracts Show Outraged "Kid Nation" Parents Should Look in the Mirror [htm, 9/5/07]

What were 'Kid Nation' parents thinking? [ct, 9/5/07]

Tough times may lie ahead for workers [lat, 9/4/07]

'Kid Nation' feels unions' ire [prw, 9/4/07]

Writers beating the war drums [var, 9/4/07]

To Strike or Not? Hollywood's Next Drama [nyt, 9/1/07]

Children's advocates step into 'Kid Nation' fray [lat, 8/31/07]

Networks scurry as strike looms [var, 8/30/07]

ABC, NABET speak well of talks [thr, 8/30/07]

Reality TV 'The Sweatshop' of Showbiz: Union [g&m, 8/30/07]

Does CBS wish it had never heard the words Kid Nation? [ew, 8/30/07]

WGA, AMPTP set talks [var, 8/29/07]

WGA-AMPTP negotiations set to resume [thr, 8/29/07]

Strike Over Internet Income? Hollywood Guilds Try for a United Front [ht, 8/29/07]

'Kid Nation' puts Hollywood labor tension into sharp focus [lat, 8/29/07]

WGA points finger at 'Kid' producers [var, 8/29/07]

Verrone: 'Kids' a 'tragedy' [thr, 8/29/07]

WGA: 'Kid Nation' Crew Overworked, Underpaid [tvw, 8/28/07]

'Kid' complaints? Let's get real [var, 8/28/07]

WGA candidates play nice [var, 8/28/07]

CBS should pull plug on "Kid" reality show [reuters, 8/28/07]

'Kid' has SAG concerned, too [thr, 8/28/07]

Did CBS Neglect the Kid Nation Kids? [tvg, 8/28/07]

He's Hoping a Strike Stays Out of the Script [ladjl, 8/27/07]

New media, new ideas tout shows for fall [thr, 8/27/07]

The clock is ticking for the next blockbusters [lat, 8/26/07]

Fox to Debut TV Series On the Web [thr, 8/24/07]

Content Replaces Communications As Primary Web Use [mp, 8/24/07]

MySpace to Debut Ambitious TV-like Series [lat, 8/23/07]

Broadcasters to Air Fewer Sitcoms This Fall [usatoday, 8/22/07]

TV Academy's credit crackdown [var, 8/22/07]

Study: TV is taking a back seat to Web, mobile [thr, 8/22/07]

Daily Show Video Appears on Yahoo [b&c, 8/21/07]

India gets Hollywood spice [variety, 8/21/07]

Report: $12 billion lost to piracy [variety, 8/21/07]

Union Roundup: Successful negotiations in Hollywood! [btl, 8/21/07]

SAG presidential race heating up [var, 8/20/07]

Pass the Popcorn. But Where's the Movie? [nyt, 8/19/07]

Study Tracks Viewers' News Habits [tvweek, 8/19/07]

Summer's bottom line [var, 8/17/07]

Playing Hollywood's numbers game [var, 8/17/07]

Screenwriters' deal heralds pen power era in Hollywood [guk, 8/17/07]

Clock Stops for "24" [nyp, 8/17/07]

Wall Street Rethinks Its Role in the Movies [wsj, 8/17/07]

AMPTP floating WGA talk-athon [thr, 8/17/07]

Google unveils video service deal [var, 8/16/07]

NBC pilots VOD spree [var, 8/16/07]

WGA talks on hold [var, 8/16/07]

AFTRA, SAG dispute continues [variety, 8/16/07]

Rosenberg, Challengers Vie for SAG Presidency [basckstage, 8/16/07]

Hollywood Hits New Highs [var, 8/16/07]

73 Million Visited Online Video Sites in July [tvw, 8/15/07]

Interactive TV gets boost [thr, 8/15/07]

Signing on to a writing co-op Sealing the deal, together [lat, 8/15/07]

Fox Gives Top Writers Gross Points [var, 8/15/07]

Internet Fuels Ad Economy, But TV Remains Biggest Factor [mdn, 8/14/07]

OPA: Web Users Spend More Time With Content Than Communication [mw, 8/13/07]

YouTube wants to depose Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart [cnet, 8/13/07]

WGA Members to NYT Writer Brook Barnes: Wise Up! [fbla, 8/10/07]

Networks commit through '08 [var, 8/10/07]

Writers scramble amid strike phobia [var, 8/10/07]

Strike facts speak for themselves [var, 8/10/07]

Hollywood Writers Score Victory in Battle Over Webisode s [ac, 8/10/07]

NLRB Rules for Writers; Studios Can't Force Webisodes [thr, 8/9/07]

Hollywood Preps for Possible Strike [backstage, 8/9/07]

McCollum: Work stoppage looks inevitable for Hollywood unions [sjmn, 8/8/07]

Burn, Tinseltown, Burn! Translating the Hollywood Reporter Story on Coming Labor Unrest [nym, 8/8/07]

Hollywood strikes could compromise quality [thr, 8/8/07]

Agents work overtime to book clients [thr, 8/8/07]

AFTRA Broadcast Members Support Performance Right [radioink, 8/8/07]

Silence not golden for WGA talks [thr. 8/7/07]

Is Web Video a Threat to TV? [wsjo, 8/7/07]

Producers and writers deal on digital future [lat, 8/7/07]

Yahoo in Pact With Reality-TV Producer [thr, 8/7/07]

'YouTube Killer' Will Offer TV Shows for Free [forbes, 8/6/07]

Nothing to watch on TV? Streaming video appeals to niche audiences [IHT, 8/6/07]

Go Ahead and Watch This Show Illegally [AdAge, 8/6/07]

Nets jump pickup gun as fear of strike looms [The Hollywood Reporter, 8/6/07]

In Hollywood, a Sacred Cow Lands on the Contract Table [NYT, 8/5/07]

Ladd jury orders WB to pay up over profits [The Hollywood Reporter, 8/3/07]

Viacom Raises Digital Revenue Projection To Over $500 Million [online media daily, 8/3/07]

Teamsters, unions strike deal with AMPTP [The Hollywood Reproter, 8/2/07]

WGA negotiations on hold [Variety, 8/1/07]

Hollywood preps for strike [LA Biz Observed, 8/1/07]

Teamsters reach deal with studios [Variety 8/1/07]