MBA Issues: The Truth about the AMPTP

We've had some inquiries about a statement the AMPTP released Friday afternoon accusing the Writers Guild of being strike-happy and abandoning negotiations. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a ploy by the AMPTP to manipulate our membership into voting no on the strike authorization. We have been bargaining with energy and dedication, which we will continue to do. At this point in negotiations, the AMPTP repeatedly reiterates the same proposals. We hope that next week they will start bargaining. Their claim that we won't bargain on our proposals is untrue – we welcome that discussion. What we cannot do is contemplate the end of residuals.

Our goal is to bargain a new contract that is mutually beneficial for all parties. We hope the AMPTP shares that goal.

We urge you to come to our informational meeting on October 11th and the membership meeting on October 18th and vote ‘yes' on the strike authorization. You can cast your ballot either by mail or in-person.

Send the AMPTP the right message: that our members are behind our proposals and are not persuaded by their dishonest rhetoric.


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