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WGA-CBS 2002-2005 National Agreement covering newswriters, editors,

desk assistants/production assistants, graphic artists and researchers

in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles expired on April

1, 2005.

Negotiations for a successor contract began Tuesday, March 15, 2005 and are continuing.

WGA Negotiating Committee approved by Council includes:


Bianco, Lois Pitter Bruce, Leon Colvin, Brett Galde, Lee Grossman, Gail

Lee, Michael Leslie, David Keller, Kathy Kiernan, Gerry Mazza, Bruce

Meyer, Matthew Nelko, Kate Miller, Diana Quinn, Emilio Sarullo, Allen

Schaefer, Duane Tollison, Martin Untrojb, Wayne Wolter


WGA-CBS Newswriter Membership To Vote on Strike Authorization

Vote to take place on Thursday, November 15, 2007.

WGAE Joins Congressman Anthony Weiner In Call For Public Notice On Newsroom Consolidation

The WGAE has publicly joined Congressman Anthony Weiner (NY) in calling for

the FCC to hold public notice on newsroom consolidation.

WGAE Goes to Congress

WGAE newswriters meet with congressional leaders to discuss news quality and key issues in stalled contract negotiations

Writers Guild Files Unfair Labor Charges Against CBS

The WGAE files a charge against CBS with the NLRB, stating the company

unilaterally changed terms and conditions of employment, and severely

and illegally limited access of union reps to the employees' facilities.

WGA-CBS Members Reject CBS Contract Proposal Offer


employees who are members of the Writers Guild of America, East and

West overwhelmingly rejected the latest contract proposal offered by

CBS. 99% of the voting WGA-CBS membership rejected the offer, which had

been described by the WGA-CBS Negotiating Committee as unacceptable.

The voting took place on November 27 and 28 in New York City, Los

Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

WGAE's Toback Testifies On News Quality At Hearing Before FCC Commissioner Adelstein


Executive Director Ann Toback testified at the National Hispanic Media

Coalition hearing on Media Ownership held on Tuesday, September 19th in

Austin. FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein attended the Austin hearing

as part of the FCC's emphasis on media ownership and its impact on

public interest

WGAE Heads Labor Rally at CBS Broadcast Center In Effort to Get Fair Contract


of the Writers Guild of America, East were joined by members of 17

labor unions in a rally in front of the CBS Broadcast Center on

Tuesday, September 5th.

Writers Guild Members Meet With FCC Commissioners To Discuss News Quality, Stalled CBS Negotiations


Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps met with CBS

employees who are members of the WGAE and WGAw on Thursday, August 31

in Los Angeles to discuss the state of news quality.


to CBS! We're glad you're here and excited to be working with you.

We're your colleagues, who are proud members of the Writers Guild of

America, East (WGAE). We are looking forward to working with you to

make CBS News #1 again. We're committed to giving the public the

highest quality news possible every day. We know we can succeed working




writers and producers at CBS have been without a contract since early

2005. At stake is no less than the safeguarding of journalistic

integrity. Ann Toback, Assistant Executive Director of the Writers

Guild of America, East, explains the issues behind the negotiations.

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 A Red Badge of Courage for WGAE Members at CBS


a colorful display of solidarity, WGAE members working at CBS News in

New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, wore red stickers yesterday to bring

attention to the fact that they've been working without a contract for

over a year.

Entertainment Writers Publicly Support Newswriters In WGA-CBS Negotiations


contract negotiations between the Writers Guilds of America East and

west (WGAE and WGAw) and CBS have widened. Entertainment writers of all

genres have publicly taken up the cause of their newswriter colleagues.

WGAE Takes Stalled Negotiations To CBS Shareholders Meeting

The Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) took their "Who Is Killing CBS News Quality?"

campaign to the streets as members protested and distributed literature

in front of New York City's Equitable Center where CBS Corporation was

holding its annual shareholders meeting.