WGAE Members Phonebank for Strike Authorization


"I am volunteering on this campaign because our future is at stake. The new media platforms we're fighting for a share in are not experimental or promotional. They are poised to be the primary delivery systems of the future and their profitability is not in doubt, regardless of the AMPTP's claims. If we don't fight for our share of new media now, we won't get another chance." — Gina Gionfriddo, Co-Producer, Law and Order



"It has become increasingly apparent over the last two weeks that our membership is mobilized in a way that it hasn't been for years.

Members are informed, supportive and we have been hearing loud and clear that they will not accept rollbacks, that they will defend their basic right to residuals in dvds, and that they want a stake firmly planted in the future of new media. Keeping writers informed, mobilized and united is why I have been actively involved in the campaign. And it's clear that our joint efforts are working." — Adam Brooks, screenwriter, director, co-chair of WGAE Web Site Editorial Committee.





"I am involved in this campaign because after cable and DVDs, writers can no longer afford to stick our heads in the sand when it comes to the long-term effects of new media. We can't get left behind again… our entire future is dependent on this negotiation." – Susan Kim, writer of children's TV, documentaries, plays, and graphic novels




"I'm a union member. If we don't stick together we are dead. United we can have a voice to change the things we can't alone." – John Reidy, Screenwriter




"I am involved in this campaign as a volunteer because I really believe in what we're asking for and if we don't stand up for ourselves we get trashed." — Alfa-Betty Olson, TV writer, screenwriter, author



"It's been a privilege to volunteer in recent weeks and to speak one-on-one with members I've never even met about the vital issues affecting all of us in the current negotiations. There's no doubt in my mind that if we stay informed and stand together we can make great strides, especially in the area of new media. Solidarity has never been more crucial as we contemplate a technology-driven future that will change our industry in radical ways. We must not settle for anything less than our fair share." — Courtney Simon, Script Editor, As the World Turns





As the super-rich catapult us into pointless wars and endless chaos and control the very media that writes about who we are, we have to keep this union strong. Draw the line in the sand. They need to see it. Vote yes on the strike authorization. — Julie Talen, writer and director, also works in experimental media.




"Strength comes from unity. Unity can't happen without clear lines of communication. If I can help keep my fellow writers informed by giving a little bit of my time, that's a small price to pay for a strong, knowledgeable membership." — Craig Shemin, WGAE Animation Writers Caucus member



"Someone makes money every time I watch video on my computer screen, but unless we make advances in the current negotiations, writers won't be among them. That's why I've been working to make sure my fellow Guild members support a strong strike vote." – Cath Twohill, former WGAE Council member











"The Guild's greatest strength is the commitment of our membership. Without our effort and a strong unified message, especially now, we have much to lose. In solidarity, we can protect what we have and gain our fair share of what lies ahead." — David Steven Cohen, TV, Screenplay and animation writer, and Chair of the WGA East Awards Committee.



"I'm involved because the future is getting closer and closer. In fact it's here. And if we wait three years to study it, it'll be known as… the past." — Pippin Parker, Council Member, WGAEast