WNYW-TV’s Good Day Producers And Production Assistants Vote For Writers Guild Representation

The segment producers

and production assistants at WNYW-TV (FOX) Good

Day New York today voted 5-1 to join the Writers Guild of America, East

(WGAE). The vote was administered by the

American Arbitration Association and held at WNYW-TV. The nearly unanimous vote

enables the WGAE to represent these employees and WNYW-TV to recognize their

interest in joining the union.

The new bargaining unit has six

members. They work on the station's two Good

Day New York broadcasts covering four hours of morning programming.

"We're proud these people have voted

to join our union," said Mona Mangan, executive director of the Writers Guild

of America, East. "They understand the benefits and importance of union

protection, which most of the station's other employees already enjoy, and they

have taken the bold step of proactively seeking our representation. We're happy

to welcome them into our Guild and ready to get started on the work to secure

their first union contract."

The WGAE will work with WNYW-TV

management to secure dates for contract negotiations.

The WGAE currently covers news staff

at WNYW-TV working on the station's newscasts. Good Day was the only non-union show at WNYW-TV, although the shows'

anchors and reporters are covered by AFTRA and its editing and technical staff

covered by IATSE.