No (Manhattan) Mystery

From the RiskyBiz blog:


The writer-director who once said e didn't understand people who wanted to know the universe when he couldn't find his way around Chinatown will try again.

To know Chinatown, that is.

After globetrotting through England and Spain for his recent films, Woody Allen says he's returning to familiar terrain. The director, whom Risky Biz caught up with last week at the premiere for his "Cassandra's Dream," let slip that he will shoot his next project in the Big Apple.

Allen completed the script on the still-untitled movie before the strike and is casting now. An April start date is targeted, with Allen hoping to get in the project under the wire before a potential actors' strike.

The director's most recent project is "Vicky Christina Barcelona," which wrapped a few months ago in Spain; it centers on a love triangle involving the serial-killer du jour Javier Bardem. "He plays a charismatic love interest in this movie so it's a little bit different than that role," Allen quipped.

While Allen was mum on the details of his new New York pic, he didn't disagree that there would be a heavy element of romance–a switch from recent movies like "Cassandra's" and "Scoop."

Unfortunately, anyone hoping for a reunion between Alvy and Annie shouldn't hold their breath: Allen says he's not starring in this one.