WGA Presidents Announce UA Agreement




To Our Fellow Members,

For our first joint communication of 2008, we are pleased to report

very good news. This morning, United Artists signed an independent

agreement. This company, now co-owned by Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise,

has been legendary for its collaborative and cooperative relationships

with writers and the talent community, so it is only fitting that it be

the first film studio to make an agreement with us.

This agreement is virtually identical to the agreement signed by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants (posted here

). It features all the proposals we were preparing to make when the big

media conglomerates left the bargaining table a month ago. Those

proposals include appropriate minimums and residuals for new media

(whether streamed or downloaded, as well as original made-for content),

along with basic cable and pay-TV increases, feature animation and

reality TV coverage, union solidarity language, and important

enforcement, auditing, and arbitration considerations.

We expect this deal to encourage other companies, especially large

employers, to seek and reach agreements with us. As those deals are

announced, we will report them immediately to you. In the meantime, let

us maintain our picket line presence and the pressure that it places on

the conglomerates. We look forward to more e-mails like this one in the

near future.


Michael Winship

President, WGAE

Patric M. Verrone

President, WGAW