Mike Huckabee Crosses The Line (Again)

 On Thursday, February 7th GOP Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Huckabee, was met with angry resistance by WGA members as he crossed a Guild picket line to be a guest on "The Colbert Report." As his black SUV arrived outside the set, 20 or so picketers swarmed in close, shouting things such as "Don't cross Governor!" and "This is a struck show!"

As Mr. Huckabee's security team led him toward the guest entrance WGA members persisted in their attempt to persuade him not to cross, shouting and holding up signs that read "Huckabee Don't Cross (Again)" & "Huckabee Supports Scabs." This strong union action was captured on film by reporters from CNN and NBC, who were there on the scene to record his appearance.

Mr. Huckabee gained notoriety by being the first guest for Jay Leno the night the TV host returned to work without his writers on January 3rd.