Strike Recap


WGAE Daily Show and Colbert Writers Mock Debate in Congress

VIDEO: Sound of a Strike

VIDEO: Brought To You By The Authentic Daily Show Writers

VIDEO: Solidarity Shorts

VIDEO: Sorry Internet

VIDEO: The Mighty Pencil

VIDEO: What Are YOU Striking?

VIDEO: Minnewood

VIDEO: Solidarity!

VIDEO: Letterman Top 10 List

VIDEO: WGA Pickets Comedy Central

VIDEO:  If The AMPTP Had Sent Us Some Holiday Cheer

VIDEO: It Has To Be The Right Deal: Words From Tony Gilroy

VIDEO: Murder Unscripted

Videologblog: Writers Strike

TV & MOVIE FANS: Help Us Win A Fair Contract

Audio: The Diane Rehm Show Covers the WGA Strike


Striking WGAE Writers Have Different Story Lines

Screenwriters Picket as Strike Begins

Day One: Rockefeller Center 

In Pictures: The WGA Strike

Day Three: Chelsea Piers

Day Four: Time Warner

Day Five: Fox

Day Seven: Wall Street

Day Eight: Disney


Their Fight is Our Fight

Support For WGA Rolling In

MTV Write-Up About Online Strike Videos

LA Times Reports On "Late-night laugh-in"

Washington Square Park Rally, Part I

Washington Square Rally, Part II

In The Funny Papers

Picketing In The Media

December 13: Viacom at Times Square

Writers Guild Strike Expands Across The Country

Photos and News Clips From Boston TV Party 

Crab-town Writers Put the Pinch on Hollywood Studios

Late-night hosts use strike humor to back writers

Out of Town But Not Out of Sight

The Late Show Strike Show