WGAE’s Michael Winship Participates In Launch Of InternetforEveryone.org

Writers Guild of America, East President Michael Winship was among the business leaders, Internet visionaries, legal scholars and public interest advocates participating in a press conference launching a new media initiative, InternetforEveryone.org.

As the New York Times reported, "Several leading lights of the Internet world believe that access to broadband is a civil right, like water, roads and sewage treatment, and have renewed their call for making such access a national priority… They banded together Tuesday in New York to make their pitch to the media, saying that broadband access is so essential – to education, commerce and public discourse – that it is no longer a luxury but a necessity."

The press conference was held at the fifth annual Personal Democracy Forum in New York City on June 25, a gathering of media activists devoted to how technology is changing the electoral process, governance and civic action.

InternetforEveryone.org’s mission is to connect all Americans to affordable, high-speed Internet. Its four basic principles are: access for all, consumer choice, net neutrality; and innovation.

"Last year our members struck for jurisdiction in the Internet and new media, and won," Michael Winship said at the news conference. "As we create new entertainment and news for the Internet, we want as large and as diverse an audience as possible. And the best way to do that is by supporting Internet freedom, access to high speed Internet for everyone."

According to the InternetforEveryone.org, half of American homes are still not connected to high-speed Internet, which drops the United States to 15th place in international broadband rankings.

On the panel with Winship were: FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein; Free Press Executive Director Josh Silver; David All, founder of Slatecard.com and TechRepublic.com; Brad Burnham, partner in Union Square Ventures; Vint Cerf, chief technology evangelist for Google,

known as "the father of the Internet;" Robin Chase, CEO of Meadow Networks and co-founder of Zipcar; Van Jones, president of Green for All; Jonathan Zittrain, co-founder of Berkman Center for Internet & Society; and law professors Lawrence Lessig and Tim Wu.