American Idol Truth Tour Comes To New York City on August 19

Dear Fellow Members of the Writers Guilds East and West:

Six months have passed since the end of our remarkable, 100-day strike.

We continue to build on the solidarity you created and are working together to build and strengthen our unions further through a variety of strategies and actions. To that end, we'd like to ask you to join us in another show of unity back on the streets where we made our voices heard so vehemently during the strike.

It's called the American Idol Truth Tour, the last stop of which will be in New York City on Tuesday, August 19th.

The Truth Tour is an integral part of our campaign to gain fair treatment and industry-standard benefits for our colleagues who write reality and game shows. A joint venture with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, this campaign is designed to shine a very bright, public spotlight on FremantleMedia North America, a major American production company that produces the highest-rated program on television, American Idol, as well as other network primetime programs, including Million Dollar Password for CBS, Farmer Wants a Wife for the CW, and America's Got Talent for NBC.

In 2007, Fremantle produced more than 1,000 hours of television in the United States . Fremantle profits hugely from American Idol and other shows it produces, but the writers and other workers, including drivers, who make these shows so successful, do not. Most of them do not receive benefits that are standard in the entertainment industry including minimum compensation, health insurance, pension benefits, and credits.

The purpose of the Truth Tour is to highlight these substandard working conditions. Each year, American Idol travels around the United States holding auditions to find the next contestants for its program. As the show travels from city to city, former Fremantle workers and Guild supporters have been participating in events to highlight the disparity between the company's success and its poor treatment of the people without whom these programs would be impossible.

While Fremantle searches for its next American Idol, the Truth Tour has been calling on the company to improve conditions for its writers and other employees by adopting industry standard benefits. Please visit to watch video of the Truth Tour featuring its stops in Los Angeles , San Francisco , Phoenix , and San Juan , Puerto Rico .

This is an important opportunity to show support for writers who struggle without the basic benefits upon which we all depend, and to express continued solidarity with Teamsters and other unions nationwide.

We hope that you can join the Truth Tour in New York City next week by attending the event at FremantleMedia and by sending them an email by clicking on this link.

As ever, thank you for your continued, stalwart support.

In solidarity,

Michael Winship

President, WGAE

Patric M. Verrone

President, WGAW



WHEN: 12 NOON TO 2 PM Tuesday, August 19th

WHERE: 28 E. 28th Street (FremantleMedia's New York office)

Near Madison Ave. – 6 to 28th St./Lexington, R/W to 28th St /Broadway

WHO: WGAW and WGAE members, Teamsters, supporters, and YOU!

WHAT: We will have speakers, musical entertainment, informational picketing & leafleting while we let FremantleMedia know that mistreating writers and drivers is wrong and will not go unpublicized.


CONTACT: Please contact Karen Young at (212) 767-7810 or to RSVP or more for information, or go to our website at



American Idol Truth Tour Kick-Off-July 16

San Francisco Auditions-July 17

Phoenix Auditions-July 25

San Juan, Puerto Rico Auditions-August 2

Jacksonville Auditions-August 13

New York City Event-August 19