On Writing 29

Lyndon Johnson once said, "If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: PRESIDENT CAN'T SWIM."  The question of whether it's possible to have truly objective reporting has been debated as long as events have been reported. But there is also a place for reporting that is unapologetically personal. And in that kind of reporting-commentary-the writer's voice has a chance to be clearly heard. 

In this, our second pre-election issue since the 2004 presidential election, we are publishing political essays by Guild members with no attempt at objectivity. And as was the case in 2004, the pieces in this issue reflect the point of view of each writer and not necessarily of the Writers Guild.

We are very grateful to David Levine for allowing us to feature caricatures from his upcoming collection of drawings, American Presidents by David Levine, which will be published by Phantographics in November 2008 with an introduction by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. Reprints of the images are available at: www.davidlevineart.com 

– Arlene Hellerman, Editor

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