The Writers Guild of America, East Foundation is the charitable foundation of the Writers Guild of America, East, the labor union representing writers in motion pictures, television, cable, new media, and broadcast news. The WGAE Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate the art and craft of storytelling, either by professionals or amateurs, through education and practical experience, on local, national and global levels; to find the next generation of writers in fiction, non-fiction, television, radio, film, theatre, and new media; to encourage WGAE members and staff to contribute their expertise to Foundation activities, thereby expanding the base and breadth of knowledge, as well as increasing the solidarity and power of the writing community in the larger world; and to work with other like-minded organizations in order to facilitate and expand the needs and goals of writers everywhere. 

Among the Foundation’s current programs are:

Veterans Writing WorkshopsIn April 2008, the Foundation began a series of Writing Workshops at which WGA members mentor veterans and active duty military personnel, encouraging them to tell their stories in any form.  Workshops have been held in Columbus, Ohio and San Antonio, Texas. On-going sessions have continued in both cities with local mentors.

Michael Collyer Memorial Fellowship in ScreenwritingThe Michael Collyer Memorial Fellowship is awarded to a student who plans to pursue a career in screenwriting upon completion of his/her undergraduate course of study.  The recipient receives a $10,000 stipend to write an original screenplay and is mentored during the course of the fellowship by a prominent screenwriter.

The Literacy CommitteeThe Literacy Committee is currently developing new programs, The Actors and Writers Book Club and Pencils Pals, both of which involve WGA and SAG members volunteering their time in an effort to inspire a love of reading in elementary and secondary school students.

Global InitiativeThe Foundation hopes to initiate an outreach program, which would create an interaction between American-based writers and their colleagues throughout the world; exchanging ideas, experiences, working methods and organizational skills.

Television History Education ProjectThe Foundation is collaborating with the Rowan University Foundation and the King Family Foundation in the development of a series of educational programs which examine firsthand the thought of seminal writers of American television and their bodies of work.  The programs are intended for educational use, either in the classroom or for individual research and study.  

The WGAE Foundation is funded entirely by voluntary contributions, bequests, grants, and corporate sponsorships.  If you would like to make a contribution to support the Foundation’s programs, click here.

For further information, or to get involved in the work of the Foundation, please go to www.wgaefoundation.org.