Writers Guild 2.0

The Writers Guild of America, East has launched an initiative called “Writers Guild 2.0” to address how digital media affect the ability of writers to balance the urge to create with the need to earn a living.  Our members create most of the best-known programs on television and radio, on the movie screen, and increasingly in the digital realm, including the Internet and hand-held devices such as the iPhone.  As a Guild, we recognize two basic facts:  first, no one really knows how the business of creating digital content will develop over the next five to ten years; second, writers must be at the table while those decisions are being made. 

The WGAE is actively signing digital media companies to Guild agreements.  Production companies and content creators are happily becoming part of the Guild’s creative community.  We recognize the need to be flexible in our thinking and to keep learning about the style, the techniques, and the business of digital media production. 

If you are working on a project for digital media and are interested in making the project under a WGA agreement, please contact us at 212-767-7836 or  .   We would love to talk to you and we welcome all inquiries.

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