A Message from WGAE and WGAW Presidents -TV and Screen Credits Referendum Overwhelmingly Approved

To Our Fellow Members:

We’re pleased to inform you that the ballots have been tabulated and members of the Writers Guilds East and West have overwhelmingly approved all proposed amendments to the Screen and Television Credits Manuals. A total of 1,443 ballots were cast with the following results:

•    Screen Proposal – Uniform standard for screenplay credit on non-original screenplays – 85.7 % in favor of  adopting the amendment (1,237 yes; 197 no)

•    Television Proposal #1 – Arbiter Teleconference in the case of non-unanimous decision – 91.4% in favor of adopting the amendment (1,319 yes; 86 no)

•    Television Proposal #2 – Consolidation, reformatting, and clarification of Television Credits Manual and Separation of Rights Manual – 92.9 % in favor of adopting the amendment (1,341 yes; 64 no)

The amendments are effective immediately, and will apply to any project for which a Notice of Tentative Writing Credits is submitted on or after June 18, 2010.  The text of the amendments may be found on each Guild’s website at www.wgaeast.org and www.wga.org.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this important referendum, and special thanks to the members of the Credits Review Committees for their patience, commitment and hard work.  Sincerely,

Michael WinshipPresident, WGAE

John WellsPresident, WGAW