On Bookshelves: “An Available Man,” by WGAE member Hilma Wolitzer

“I’m completely in love with this particular available man, and with the words that brought him to life for me. This book is very dear to my heart. What a gratifying read: wit! poignancy! authenticity! I asked myself constantly, How does Hilma Wolitzer do it?”—Elinor Lipman, author of THEN SHE FOUND ME “Families are Wolitzer’s turf, and she’s an observant and often humorous chronicler of domesticity and the stuff that comes with it: illness, loss, boredom, crankiness, and, on good days, love.”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY"Wolitzer is a champ at the closely observed, droll novel of manners, while also recognizing that — for both her characters and her readers — there’s more at stake than laughs in the situations she depicts." — NPR "Wonderful. . . Wolitzer’s vision of the world, for all its sorrow, is often hilarious and always compassionate. Her novels are social comedies: they may feature jiltings, separations and bereavement, but they tend to have happy endings." — The New York Times 

AN AVAILABLE MAN, published by Ballantine, is now on sale.