Ernest Kinoy, former WGAE President, passed away at 89

The Writers Guild of America, East is sad to announce the passing of Ernest Kinoy, who served as President of the union  in the late Sixties. 

“We mourn his loss but celebrate his life,” wrote Michael Winship, the current President of the Writers Guild of America, East. “My most vivid memory of Ernie Kinoy is the phone calls he made to me during the 2007-08 Writers Guild strike in which he offered greatly valued advice, support and encouragement. This Emmy Award winner was an important member of the Guild East, a past president who received two of our highest awards: the Hunter Award for career achievement and the Jablow Award for devoted service to the union.”

Winship continued, “His body of work spanned the show business spectrum, writing for Broadway, radio, television and film; so breathtakingly prolific that three of the TV series with which he was associated were named in the recent poll of 101 Best Written TV Series: “Playhouse 90,” “The Defenders” and “Roots.” And it speaks to Ernie’s ardent belief in justice and civil liberty that this man, who as a Jewish World War II POW was sent to the brutal German concentration camp at Berga, would 35 years later find within himself the ability to write the moving teleplay “Skokie,” the story of free speech and a neo-Nazi march through a Jewish community.”

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