Show Solidarity With INK MASTER Workers

Rosie TattooWe want to see your pro-labor, pro-worker and pro-union tattoos!

Share your labor-friendly tattoos on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #InkMasterUnion to show solidarity with the men and women who make the hit TV show INK MASTER. (If you don’t have a tattoo, you can still show solidarity by tweeting or Instagramming a message of support with #InkMasterUnion)

Workers at INK MASTER voted overwhelmingly for a union last year. Since then, Original Media, the Masters behind INK MASTER, have refused to bargain in good faith with the Writers Guild of America, East, AFL-CIO. Original Media is currently being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board for failing to bargain in good faith, and by the wage and hour authorities for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from their freelance workforce.

Here’s some suggested text:

  • Workers on @SpikeInkMaster deserve a fair contract. @OriginalMedia needs to ink a deal #InkMasterUnion
  • I have ink. I watch@SpikeInkMaster. I want @OriginalMedia to stop #Unionbusting & sign a fair contract #InkMasterUnion
  • I Support @OriginalMedia Workers right to a fair contract #InkMasterUnion