Be A Union Activist

In the deathless words of John McNamara on United Hollywood, near the end of the 2007-2008 Writers Guild strike, “This is a fight for the future.  Someday, when that future becomes the present and I look back on all this, I want to say I was a small part of a big fight that mattered. I stood with people who knew that.  We rose together and took action.”

Join the fight for the future with your fellow Writers Guild members. Sign up here to join our Activist group and you’ll hear about opportunities to get involved with Writers Guild-specific causes, or for those of our allies and friends.

This is a new effort, and where it goes will be up to you, our members. Activists will initially be invited to sign petitions; attend rallies, marches, panel discussions or other events; or help spread news via social media.

We’ll be more effective in taking action quickly, when needed, if we have a list of members ready and assembled.  Please take a moment and sign up today.