Photos: Indie Caucus’ Tribeca Film Festival Reception

The WGAE Indie Caucus held a reception for filmmakers in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival on April 13th.

The evening was hosted by Henry Bean and Ira Sachs and fêted member Ingrid Jungermann, who joined the WGAE with her web series F to 7TH and made her feature film debut at Tribeca with WOMEN WHO KILL.

In celebrating Ingrid’s journey as a writer, the Indie Caucus gathered to consider what it means to be a screenwriter outside of the mainstream and discuss how the Guild can best support indie filmmakers.  Ingrid spoke about the importance of making a film in one’s own voice and the hurdles necessary to overcome to secure funding for an indie film.

The gathering included over 50 members of the Indie Caucus, including Michael Arndt, Lucy Alibar, Oren Moverman (JUCTION 48), Ido FlukSharon Mashihi (THE TICKET), Deb Shoval and Karolina Waclawiak (AWOL), Lorna Graham (AUSCHWITZ) and Taskehi FukunagaDonari Braxton, whose debut feature, OUT OF MY HAND, was nominated for the 2016 John Casavedes Independent Spirit Award.

Photos from the event were taken by Hope Killcoyne.