Watch: Writing A Racially Charged America

The Writers Guild of America, East hosts a panel moderated by Jamal Joseph with Robin Thede (THE NIGHTLY SHOW), David Simon (SHOW ME A HERO; THE WIRE), Jo Miller (FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE), Jane Tillman Irving (WCBS-AM NewsRadio 880) and Jelani Cobb (POLICING THE POLICE) on writing about a racially charged America at time when the public is demanding that officials address longstanding problems with our criminal justice system, police violence, drug laws and poverty, among other issues.

Tragic events between police and civilians in cities across the country have inspired us to question what our responsibilities are, both in reporting these events and dealing with them in a dramatic context. What are the special challenges of providing truth and fairness when the subject matter is so racially charged? Are we doing a good job? How could we do better?

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