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How can I make my non-union job Guild covered?

Far too many writers end up short-changing themselves by doing non-Guild covered work. Just because you’re working on a non Guild production doesn’t mean it can’t become covered by a Guild contract. If you are doing nonunion work and want the benefits of Guild membership, such as employer contributions towards health insurance and pension, fair credit for your work and more respect on the job, then you need to contact us.

There are numerous strategies for changing your working conditions from nonunion to union:

  • Some writers make it a condition of working for a production company that the company becomes a Guild signatory.
  • Some discover that other people who are doing similar work for the same company already have a Guild contract and the non-members can leverage that to obtain their own contract.

The possibilities are many and the Guild wants to work with you to figure out the strategy that works best for your situation. Your call is kept confidential.

Call the Organizing Department at (212) 767-7808 and let’s figure out the best way for you to get your work covered under a Guild contract.

Who can become a Guild member?

The fundamental requirement for becoming a WGA member is that you are hired to write by an employer who is signatory to a WGA contract.

Studios hire writers, small production companies hire writers, writers self-produce, and any of those scenarios can be Guild-covered work–many already are. However, if you are a working writer in one of our jurisdictional areas but are not covered by a Guild contract, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Please contact the Organizing Department at 212-767-7808.

Also visit the Organize section for more information.

Which Guild do I join?

The Writers Guild of America, East and the Writers Guild of America, West are two separate entities but work in concert with each other. Writers living east of the Mississippi River join the Writers Guild of America, East and writers living west of the Mississippi join the Writers Guild of America, West. However, after you join the Guild, your residence has no bearing on your Guild affiliation. You need only notify us of your new address.