Residuals for Made-for-Theatrical Motion Pictures

(Example 1)

Residuals due for made-for-theatrical motion pictures are revenue based. The residuals due the writer are 1.2% of the distributor’s gross receipts, except for residuals due for videocassette usage which are calculated at a slightly higher percentage of the producer’s gross receipts. Residuals for made-for-theatrical projects are allocated as follows: "Written by"–100%; "Screenplay by" (if a "Story by" or "Screen Story by" credit is accorded)–75%; "Story by" or "Screen Story by"–25%. In general, if no form of "Story by" credit is accorded, 100% goes to the writer(s) receiving "Screenplay by" credit.

The following are the percentages and the due dates for each type of residual compensation payable for a made-for-theatrical motion picture.

Effective May 2, 2001, upon the final determination of writing credits by the Guild, the credited writer(s) of a theatrical motion picture shall receive payment, in the aggregate, of $5,000. This "DVD script publication fee" gives the Company the right to publish the script on DVD, and is due regardless of whether the Company elects to exercise such right. The payment of the script publication fee and/or the exercise of the script publication right does not in any way affect any other rights held by a writer entitled to Separation of Rights in the motion picture, including other publication rights.

Payment is due within 30 days of the final determination of credits by the Guild.