Who Receives Residuals?

The credited writer(s) on a produced project receive(s) the residual compensation. Regardless of how much you are paid or what you contribute to the final shooting script on a project, you only receive MBA residuals if you receive writing credit.

The following Guild determined credits generate residuals for writers under the MBA:

Residuals for theatrical and television motion pictures, including episodic programs, are allocated as follows: "Written by" — 100%; "Screenplay/Teleplay by"–(if a "Story by" or "Screen/Television Story by" credit is accorded)–75%; Story by" or "Screen/Television Story by"–25%. In general, if no form of "Story by" credit is accorded, 100% goes to the writer(s) receiving "Screenplay/Teleplay by" credit. The residual for minor credits such as "Adaptation by" is 10%. In that instance, the residual is allocated as follows: "Adaptation by"–10%; "Screenplay/Teleplay by"–65%; "Story by"–25%.

Source material credits, such as "Based on the book by," are not writing credits that generate residual compensation under the MBA. Also, the "Developed by" credit does not generate residuals.

NOTE: The Guild does not process your residual payment until the writing credits are finally determined. To prevent delays in the processing of your residual payment, if you have written on a project on which principal photography has been completed, and neither you nor your designated representative have received a Notice of Tentative Writing Credits for that project, please immediately contact the WGAE Credits Department at (212) 767-7800.