Digital Media Caucus

Formed as part of the recent Writers Guild 2.0 initiative, the Digital Media Caucus is made up of members and prospective members who write original content for new media. Caucus members work in a wide variety of genres (comedy, drama, children’s, animation, nonfiction/talk) and formats (episodic web series, short films for the web, features released to the web). Caucus members also produce creative work for an array of new media platforms including mobile content and smartphone apps.

The mission of the Digital Media Caucus is threefold:

  • to represent and advance the interests of digital media writers both within the Writers Guild and at large;
  • to create a space where writers of digital content can network and share information with like-minded creators;
  • to assist in organizing more digital media writers and creators into the WGAE.

The Caucus holds regular meetings as well as Caucus-driven initiatives, such as networking/social events for writers of new media and continuing education/training on issues specific to digital content creation.

If you are working on a project for digital media and are interested in attending a meeting of the Digital Caucus, please contact Ursula Lawrence at 212-767-7836 or We are also happy to assist current Guild members in covering work for digital media under the flexible terms in the WGA’s New Media Agreement.