One of the valuable services the Guild provides to members is contract negotiation. Some members may feel overwhelmed by the idea of contracts, so the WGAE steps in to make sure writers are compensated fairly. The Guild negotiates contracts on behalf of its members with companies that employ writers. The union also offers legal and professional advice to members with private employment agreements. Once the contracts are in place, the Guild actively enforces them to insure that members receive everything to which they are entitled.

The Guild negotiates two-, three-, or four-year contracts with companies that employ WGAE members. Our aim is to negotiate the best terms possible for compensation, benefits, and job security.

For freelancers, the Guild negotiates a Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA) with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents around 350 American film production companies and studios. The WGAE also negotiates contracts for union members employed as writers for a wide range of network, local, and radio news operations as well as a number of PBS and children’s television shows. Companies include ABC, CBS, FOX 5 News, Sesame Workshop, Shadow Traffic, Phoenix radio, WINS and WNYW.

The Guild also negotiates a Minimum Basic Agreement for writers employed by many public broadcasting stations.