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Guild’s Streak Continues; WGAE Softball Tops Thomson Reuters 10-2

by Timothy Cooper

With our level of communication, batting accuracy, and defensive tightness, these games are getting more predictable than heart-thumping. Here’s how it went down:

  • A sharp infield (Stu, Kevin, Jo, Shannon, Dave, Emmitt, Sharon) prevented virtually anything exciting from happening.
  • Our outfield of Marni, Sam, Alan, Erik, Scott, and Julie didn’t liven things up much with their consistency.
  • Doug and Zayd again proved that we have some of the best pitchers on all four remaining teams of our division.
  • We batted all the way around in the fifth, scoring 6 and solidifying Thomson Reuters’ unhappy Monday night.
  • We did some great hitting to their center and right fields. Plus, way to make their shortstop and first basewoman (a losing combo) work!
  • They didn’t score from the top of the fourth onward. We held them to only 2 runs total, exploiting various holes in their game, such as their offense and defense.
  • There was some tension in the sixth when nothing happened, as well as in the seventh, which was dull.
  • Our full gallery of males somehow all got to bat, and I believe everyone of every gender got on base at least once.

There was no third-act twist, no denouement, no shocking reveal. We just won. Seriously, people, let’s get it together and make things more interesting than we have while winning the last–what is it, five games in a row (including forfeits, which totally count)? Other highlights:

  • As most observers slumbered, Emmitt advanced mucho players in the second to get things started.
  • With a yawn, Erik was consistently under the ball.
  • Marni stultifyingly slapped in 2 RBIs in the fifth.
  • Stu and Kevin didn’t let anything past them at short. Duh.
  • Susan and Jason, zzzz, allowed us to bat 12.
  • Newish oldcomers like Scott, Sharon, and Jason took care of business, exactly as expected.

We eventually won 10-2. It was quite the nail-saver.

One more regular-season game remains (July 30); however, we will likely have batting/fielding practice at the usual field this Monday, July 16, at 7 p.m. See the upcoming Evite. (I will be out of town, but all should participate, since we have a permit for the field.)

We are certainly tops in our division, though our position in the playoffs is never guaranteed due to the illogic of this league’s tragic system. All we can do is keep winning. Boringly. Which is how we do things around here.

Final assessment: Snoozefest of Champions.

Your faithful manager,


P.S. Sam has an excellent show coming up of amazing songs he wrote: the fourth annual Barely Legal Showtune Extravaganza. It’s happening on the Monday of our bye week, July 23.  You can watch previews of, find more information about, and buy tickets for the show here: Be there — I definitely will be.


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