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Learning Digital

by Lowell Peterson

We have seen the future, and it is digital. This is what we read in the trades, hear on the radio, discuss over cappuccinos and beers—it’s what we fret about and plan for. I give presentations to writers both here and abroad, and I research the economics and technology of the “new media.” We still don’t know if the coming predominance of digital production and distribution will utterly transform the way Writers Guild members earn a living, or if it will instead require some adjustments in style and work schedules that are important yet entirely manageable. But we know for certain that the union and its members must be prepared and must actively participate in the development of the new creative and business structures, rather than sitting back to wait and hope.

To this end, the WGAE is pleased to present the next series of digital media training courses funded by the Consortium for Worker Education. This year, we have added workshops and classes on digital animation and storyboarding, on writing for video games, and on Avid editing, in addition to sessions on digital journalism, Final Cut Pro X, and legal issues faced by members who create their own projects. We designed this program after surveying members to determine what insights and skills would be most interesting and useful to them. Enrolment in some of the courses is limited, so I urge you to keep an eye on your email inbox—and the WGAE website—to get details and to sign up.

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