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Top 10 Reasons to Become a Screenwriter by Catie Lazarus

Dalton Trumbo at work in the tub

1. You possess a laptop, New Balance sneakers and a tendency towards self-delusion.

2. You feel you have too much control over your life as it is.

3. In Hollywood, no one will ever wonder if you’ve had work done.

4.  If you went to Harvard, you’ll easily score a plum TV writing gig. Oh wait—you would’ve scored a plum job anyway.

5. Fastest way to convert your 120-page diatribe about snakes on a plane into cash.

6. You’ll have plenty of downtime to play Words With Friends.

7. If you’ve seen the Hallmark Hall of Famer Riding the Bus with My Sister, you must have thought, “I can do that! I can write that poorly.”

8. In entertainment, you’ll be considered an intellectual.

9. You’re cool waiting 43 years to cash a pay check, because that’s about how long it takes Disney to deliver it.

10.  It’s your best chance to touch Halle Berry (at least your words might touch her).

Catie Lazarus is a writer.  ECNY awarded her “Best Comedy Writer,” and she currently hosts EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH at UCB, a talk show and podcast.

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