Zhubin Parang

Candidate for Council, Film/TV/Streaming Sector

Honored to be endorsed by: Adam Brooks, Larry Cohen, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, Bonnie Datt, Laura Eason, Gina M Gionfriddo, Hallie Haglund, Dru Johnston, Christine Nangle, Melissa Salmons

My name is Zhubin Parang, and I am seeking a Grover Cleveland-style non-consecutive re-election to Council. I had the immense honor to serve for a term in 2012-14, after which I had to step away for personal reasons and find other ways to serve our Guild. I have been a shop steward for a decade, a Guild Captain since 2017, and during the 2023 strike I have served on the Strike Rules Compliance Committee.

I’m now able again to serve as a council member, and I believe I have the skills and experience worthy of your vote.

I have spent over twelve years working continuously in late night comedy-variety in all stages of writing, from staff writer to head writer to supervising producer, so I am intimately familiar with one of the largest sectors of the WGA East. And I am currently a co-executive producer at a late night comedy-variety show, which gives me insight into the unique challenges of “hyphenates” and an on-the-ground understanding of this sector’s current situation and where it’s headed.

In addition, I practiced law for several years before becoming a writer, and although I’m no longer licensed to practice, I think my legal training and experience were useful to have on the Council and will be again.

My general vision as a council member remains the same as it did ten years ago: I am deeply committed to the principle that our Guild should represent all of its members equally, and should avoid divisive policies in favor of maintaining a focus on every member’s economic advancement. I have been a strong and proud supporter of the Guild’s recent assertive actions to safeguard our members, especially the agency campaign and now with the 2023 strike. As a council member I will continue to support the Guild defending members’ rights at every opportunity, including consolidating and furthering the gains from this strike.

I would also like to continue organizing in the film and television space, especially in animation, and find ways for the Guild to increase its presence outside of the New York area.

Thank you for your support!