DeltaCare Dental HMO

Dear Writers Guild–Industry Health Fund Participant:

We need to find out whether you are interested in a significantly improved dental benefit.

As you know, the Health Fund provides dental benefits to participants and their beneficiaries (i.e., you and your family). The Fund pays for dental services subject to a deductible and, if you use a non-network dentist, a co-payment. Benefits are capped at $2500 a year. The dental benefit administrator, Delta Dental, is willing to offer a dental HMO, DeltaCare, to Fund participants in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania starting in 2013, but only if at least 35 people enroll in the program. We need to determine whether that many folks would sign up before the Fund goes through the administrative burden of doing the paperwork and notices and so forth. 

We did say “significantly improved dental benefit”—and that is definitely true for people who are willing to use DeltaCare network providers. There would be 

  • no deductibles
  • no co-payments on many procedures 
  • significantly reduced costs for many things (e.g., crowns)
  • no annual benefit cap 

Please take a minute to click on the links below to learn more and to indicate whether you would be interested in participating. You will find a comparison of benefits and links to lists of network dentists in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania (There are hundreds of them).

And please remember: If at least 35 people do not indicate that they are interested, this dental HMO will not be offered.

Lowell Peterson,WGAE Executive Director

Click HERE to see a chart comparing your current dental benefits to DeltaCare benefits.

  • Click HERE for a list of DeltaCare providers in New Jersey.
  • Click HERE for a list of DeltaCare providers in New York.
  • Click HERE for a list of DeltaCare providers in Pennsylvania.

Click HERE to indicate your interest in DeltaCare HMO. You will be taken to another WGAE page and asked to enter your name and email address.