Low-Budget Agreement

Psst…you can still get paid Guild rates! And receive payments towards your benefits!

The Writers Guild offers a Low Budget Agreement for narrative and theatrical screenplays and has a documentary screenplay contract for theatrical documentaries. The contracts are designed to meet the demands of the low- budget film market while ensuring the rights and benefits writers are due. No budget is so low that screenwriters should sacrifice Writers Guild protections and benefits. The agreement applies to films budgeted at $1.2 million and below.

The Low Budget Agreement is an appendix to the Minimum Basic Agreement which covers most of our membership. By working under these contracts writers receive minimum rates, credit, and creative protections and residuals, which are paid when their works are distributed on television, DVDs, and other media. When employment takes place, writers may be eligible to receive pension and health coverage. Also, first time writers may use these contracts to join the Guild.

For more information about the WGA Low Budget Agreement, call Rochelle Rubin 212-767-7837. We can make a deal that works for you!

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