The Union Advantage

Better wages, great benefits, and a peer group like no other.

All the collective thought and action — committee meetings, contract campaigns, member events, strategic planning — that form the core of the WGAE is available to you when the time comes to negotiate the terms of your employment.

You have something an employer wants. We want to make sure you get paid for it.

A Writers Guild contract makes sure you’re fairly compensated for your talent, experience, and hard work.

A Writers Guild contract sets compensation minimums that employers must meet, if not exceed, in over scale.

A Writers Guild contract establishes your right to be remunerated for various uses of your work, or products that are created based on your work.

A Writers Guild contract ensures contributions for health and pension benefits.

A Writers Guild contract guarantees that if your rights are violated, you will not face your employer alone. That fight belongs to the Guild.

In other words, we’ve got your back.

So, if you are currently working on a non-Writers-Guild-covered production in either film or television, and would like to learn how you might help get it Guild-covered, please contact the WGAE Organizing Department at (212) 767-7808.